Help Change America Billboard Campaign

//Help Change America Billboard Campaign

America doesn’t have to be a country filled with hatred, disrespect and violence, in fact it shouldn’t be. It’s our choice and we choose to Help Change America by investing in kindness as the basis for all our relationships.

Our digital billboard campaign started yesterday with 6 digital billboards in Raleigh, Wilmington and Jacksonville. Billboards will be placed around the state through the 1st quarter of 2018. Soon one will be on 147 in Durham.

Our goal is to unleash the transformative power of love and kindness to change the face and heart of American. Our hope is that through social media, word of mouth and our billboard campaign we can change America through the power of love and kindness

Visitors to our website are encouraged to declare and share their commitment to choose kindness as the basis for all their relationships.

“Kindness strengthens the bond of humanity and our connection to people. It’s a choice that heals and brings joy to the giver, receiver and observer. It enables us to reach and work with people we don’t know and don’t agree with. Kindness creates a bond that can weave society and people together and it’s free.”

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