Kool To Be Kind!

//Kool To Be Kind!

My grandfather, PopPop, was the koolest guy I have ever known and also the kindest. Although he never had much money or material wealth what he had he shared freely with those in need. He was extremely talented with his hands and served as the free handyman for the people in his community.

He was kool because he cared, his care and compassion resulted in a lifetime of kindness. PopPop helped change a lot of lives including mine.

PopPop’s picture, seen here, is prominently displayed in a place of honor in my office and his example of kindness is engraved on my heart. His example serves as the model of kindness in my life and many others.

America disparately needs kindness. We need to build an army of people living lives filled with love and kindness. People that are kool, committed to passing on a legacy of kindness to all those they touch.

Help Change America by living a life filled with kindness. Show people that it’s kool to be kind by joining us at HelpChangeAmerica.com where we support the rights and freedoms of all people and are committed to changing the world through kindness. We are also on Facebook and on Twitter @HelpChangeAmer1.


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