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Are you tired of all the senseless violence occurring in America?

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Frustrated by the inability of our leaders to work together to make America a better place?

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Does it shock you to learn that America averages a mass shooting every day of the year?

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Make Your Voice Heard In The Comments Below To HELP CHANGE AMERICA

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America doesn’t have to be a country riddled with hatred, disrespect and violence, in fact it shouldn’t be.  It’s up to us to change her and we can  by choosing love and kindness as the basis by which we live our lives.  Life is a precious gift and all human beings deserve and want to be valued and treated with respect.  When we choose love and kindness as the foundation for our lives we strengthen the bond of humanity and our connection to people.

Respecting people means protecting people. It’s time for our leaders and politicians to quit talking and take action.  How many of our children have to be lost to school violence before they are willing to act. Demand that your Senators and House members take action to strengthen and require background checks, ban assault weapons and improve mental health programs in our schools. If your local and national leaders are not willing to take action vote them out of office and elect someone who cares enough to make a difference.

Think of kindness as your personal investment in the health and well being of humanity and America.

Can you imagine how different America would be if everyone chose kindness in all their relationships.  We can.

Our Goal

Our goal is to unleash the trans-formative power of love and kindness to change the face and heart of America. We seek to encourage all Americans to adopt love and kindness as the foundation for all their relationships.

What You Can Do

Make your voice heard by committing to a life grounded in love and kindness. Pledge that you will treat all people with kindness and respect and begin your walk to change America. Your choice will be instrumental in transforming not only your life but all the lives you touch and ultimately America. Demand that your elected officials make a stand against school violence by making your comments heard on this website. Help Change America will share your comments with our leaders and politicians with the hope that our message will begin to transform America and her government.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see!  Mark Twain

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How many students must die before our leaders decide to do something to protect our schools?


I devote my life to kindness!

Meg A

I pledge to be kind, smile and believe with all my heart in the goodness within people.

Elijah Gray
Elijah Gray

I pledge to keep kindness to everyone a big part of my life. I pledge to respect others to the best of my ability.

Susan Gray

I pledge to be kind and respectful to everyone.


I pledge to make kindness to others a top priority in my life.

Penny Pearlman

I pledge to treat others with love and kindness!! be a light to others that have felt darkness in this world.

Scott Shackleton

Thank you. This is a great idea and I pledge to stop and think each day about what it would look like to be more loving and more kind.

Philomena Karol

I pledge to make kindness the guiding force in my daily life.


I pledge to be kind and loving in my interactions with all in hopes to help change America!

Angie Scioli

I pledge to let kindness be my guide in my daily interactions in the world and in the decisions I make each day. Thank you Nora and Alan for bringing your vision to the world!

Ashley Shuell

I pledge to live a life grounded in love and kindness. I pledge to treat all people with kindness and respect and begin my walk to change America!

Laura Stern

I pledge to show kindness to all.

Nancy M

I pledge to show respect, love and kindness to everyone I meet.


I pledge to be a star in the world by spreading happiness and kindness in every way I can (if only with a smile)!