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Are you tired of all the senseless violence occurring in America?

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Frustrated by the inability of our leaders to work together to make America a better place?

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Does it shock you to learn that America averages a mass shooting every day of the year?

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Make Your Voice Heard In The Comments Below To HELP CHANGE AMERICA

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America doesn’t have to be a country riddled with hatred, disrespect and violence, in fact it shouldn’t be.  It’s up to us to change her and we can  by choosing love and kindness as the basis by which we live our lives.  Life is a precious gift and all human beings deserve and want to be valued and treated with respect.  When we choose love and kindness as the foundation for our lives we strengthen the bond of humanity and our connection to people.  

Kindness is a bond that can weave society and people together even when they have nothing in common.  Kindness is a choice, a behavior that generates amazing goodwill not only in the person performing the act of kindness but also in the receiver and observers. Kindness creates a positive bond even if a single word isn’t spoken.

Think of kindness as your personal investment in the health and well being of humanity and America.

Can you imagine how different America would be if everyone chose kindness in all their relationships.  We can.

Our Goal

Our goal is to unleash the trans-formative power of love and kindness to change the face and heart of America. We seek to encourage all Americans to adopt love and kindness as the foundation for all their relationships. 

What You Can Do

Make your voice heard by committing to a life grounded in love and kindness. Pledge that you will treat all people with kindness and respect and begin your walk to change America. Your choice will be instrumental in transforming not only your life but all the lives you touch and ultimately America. Please share your comments and experiences online and  point your neighbors, friends and coworkers to this website so they can join the mission. Help Change America will share your comments with our leaders and politicians with the hope that our message will begin to transform America and her government.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see!  Mark Twain

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75 Comments on "Help Change America"

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I pledge to show love and kindness towards others. I pledge to work towards making America a safe and peaceful country for all.

Allie W

I pledge to treat others with kindness and respect, despite our differences. I pledge to choose love and make America a better place for my children.

Roxanne Schmitt

I pledge to show kindness and respect to all around me!

Tom Proctor

The world is good. The world is broken. The world can be redeemed. I pledge to try to do my part, beginning with an intentional, new, and simple act of kindness, everyday forward.

Elisabeth Boyles

Treat everyone with respect and kindness and help perpetuate living in less fear and more love

Janice W

I pledge to do my part to help change America into the kind and respectful country in which God intended this great country to be. All people, everyone will be treated with kindness and respect. Luke10:25-37

Jon Marc Winchester

I pledge to treat every person with kindness and respect and to do all I can to make America a place of love and not hate.

Reid Leonard

I pledge to live a life based on kindness and respect to all

Caroline Boger

I pledge to treat all people with kindness and respect.

Mackenzie Lussier

I pledge to live a life full of kindness and respect

Nora W.

I want America to be a safe place to live now and in the future for my grandchildren. I pledge to respect others , listen to and not judge others, and help those in need regardless of their color, religion or beliefs.

Martin Vernon

I pledge to listen to the position taken by everyone, respect their right to that position, and respond with understanding and kindness.

Traci Carroll

I pledge to show kindness and love

Teresa McCombs

I pledge to choose a life of love, kindness and respect towards my family, friends, neighbors and strangers. I pray God will walk with me to show me how to carry out my pledge each and every day, with every person I meet, and will open the hearts of others to do the same.

Karen C

I pledge to always practice empathy and understanding.

Anne Culver

I pledge to treat everyone as a friend and help those who need help. One small act of kindness can make a big difference.

Walker W

Pledge to be kind and listen to all people

Sandra Padden

I pledge to choose kindness, respect and understanding……

Kelsie G

I pledge to spread unconditional love, promote kindness and pray for those who have fallen victim to the violence in our country.

Carson Culver

I pledge to live a life of kindness and respect toward one another

Mabeth Hudson

I commit to strive to live grounded in love, kindness, hope and respect. Together, we can help transform our world.

Sherri Francis

I pledge equality for all!

Alan C

I pledge to choose kindness and respect

Jessica Cygan

Smile at everyone!

danny g

i pledge to treat everyone with love, kindness, and respect

Joan Thompson

I pledge to choose kindness ,love and respect


I pledge to live a life grounded in love and kindness. One of my favorite quotes of all time, “Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution.” ― Kahlil Gibran

Katie Thompson

I pledge to live a life of kindness and respect.

Elizabeth Vernon

I pledge to pray for kindness to prevail in America!

Alan Winchester

America doesn’t have to be a country filled with hatred, disrespect and violence. In fact it shouldn’t be. It’s our choice and I choose to change America by pledging to treat all people with kindness and respect. We can make a difference.

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